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Tiffany Leiddi is a lawyer in a prestigious Parisian law firm and specializes in divorce proceedings. During her nine-year career, she can say that she has seen it all and that she knows the subject inside out. However, since she has been handling Ricky Mancini’s case, the young woman realizes that she was still far from knowing everything. It seems indeed that Ricky and his future ex-wife have particular tastes as regards to pleasure. In front of the casual reaction of her client on the subject, Tiffany discovers that he had a rather particular relation of consented domination/submission his wife. On her side, her colleague Bella Tina seems to lead a fulfilled life on all the plans with her husband Axel Reed. She takes advantage of her work to play sexual role-playing games to keep the flame alive and avoid falling into a routine. Their favorite game: the bad boy seducing his charming lawyer. It must be said that once the dress falls, what man could resist the perfect body of the young woman? What better way to end a long day at the office than with a good “interrogation” on the desk?

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