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Quarantined Roommates Hook Up

Quarantined Roommates Hook Up

25 mins.Oct 16, 2021
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Quarantined Roommates Hook UpEver since quarantine started, things just haven’t been the same!! Luna Storm and Iare roommates, and we are bored and horny. Neither of us has gotten laid in who knows howlong, and it’s to a point where we are each masturbating multiple times a day just trying to get some sexual release. But what if… we hooked up and fucked each other?! Luna eagerly agrees to the idea and we start kissing each other and stripping out of our lingerie. Luna has such a beautiful plump body and I can’t help but worshipping every inch of her BBW curves. She returns the favor by delivering licks and kisses to my body too, and I just love the way it feels. Luna leans back and I spread her open so I can begin to eat her pussy. I slide my fingers into her wet pussy before grabbing a glass dildo and fucking her with it! I don’t stop until I’ve made sure Luna cums!After Luna orgasms on my tongue and the glass dildo, I lay back and Luna spreads open mypussy so she can start eating me out. Her tongue feels so good as she tastes my pussy nectar. My moaning increases as she eats my pussy and I play with my plump belly. Once Luna makes me orgasm with her tongue, she grabs another toy and starts to fuck my creamy, wet pussy. I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner! We could have been fucking each other this wholequarantine.