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Mommy Wants Me Too

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Some Mother’s Are A Little Too Involved In Their Daughter’s Sex Lives.
Hope Harper and Gabriella Santorini Last week I was a bit naughty. I spiked Mommys water and waited for her to pass out I snuck into the bed-room and sucked Daddys cock We flicked right next to mommy. It was pretty hot knowing she could wake up at any moment!

Daddy and I snuck in a quickie today while Mommy was shopping. Mommy came home not long after and was giving me strange glances!

OMG Mommy totally busted us! She came in my room and confronted me about it And I was shocked when Mommy said we needed to bond with Daddy together. He was napping but we soon had his full attention. Mommy and I tag-teamed his cock with our tongues then took turns riding him. Mommy did some pretty amazing things with Daddy and we got even hotter. Daddy laid us down together and fucked us both pretty hard. He made Mommy and I both cum while we played with each other. Finally Daddy couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded on Mommy’s belly. Family time is so awesome since Mommy wants me too.

Akira Shell and Jessie Sunshine A few days after my mom left Daddy had to go out of town on business and Hope was going to see grandpa again. Daddy and I had a great night together and he left before I got out of his bed. When Hope was ready to leave she came in with her mom and woke me up to tell me her mom would be keeping me company!

Dear Diary The next day my stepmom tried to wake me up early but I didn’t make it easy. Something about her touch actually started turning me on, go figure. Anyway, I scooped Hope’s mom up and tossed her on the bed. Before I knew it we were both naked and making each other cum with fingers and mouths. I feel so much closer to my step-mommy I cant wait to share this with Daddy.

Dear Diary, The night Daddy got home I was curled up in his bed with mommy under the covers as a surprise. When he discovered the 2 of us in his bed his cock sprang up like her never seen. Daddy mommy and I had the hottest threesome ever and Daddy even made her squirt I cant wait to tell sissy how kinky her mom is too.