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Meant For Each Other

Meant For Each Other

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Meant For Each Other. Lovers Kristen Scott and Jasmine Summers have been dating for over 4 months now. Kristen believes that it is time to tell the love of her teen life how she really feels about her. Sparks begin to fly when Jasmine explains that she feels the same way! Cassidy Klein cannot give a straight answer when census take, Abigail Mach is at her door asking about her sexual orientation. To prove that she is not homophobic Cassidy invites Abigail inside to show just how accepting she can be. We return to Kristen Scott and Jasmine Summers after they have tied the knot. Domestic life isn’t as cracked up to be when Kristen discovers Jasmine’s accumulating credit card debt and lashes out in a sexual fervor, with the mindset of teaching her wife a lesson!.

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