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Die Pannenhelfer 4

Die Pannenhelfer 4

1 hrs. 44 mins.Jan 12, 2024
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Die Pannenhelfer 4In the workshop of our yellow pens the trainees and the journeyman use the lunch time break for an injected chassis check, while the head of the field service fucker to a lost sheep rushes into the forest. The stupid novice driver fell for the sat nav’s lies and the nice gentleman gives him a hard time tow the device. In the posh Lattenschleck district deceives the sexually challenged millionaire’s wife had a car break down to the gullible helper in need drain lubricating oil by changing the stiffener. Father’s big motorcycle is suitable excellent as gymnastics equipment for wet ones free exercises with two fitters our special breakdown helpers. trunk and bonnet are the same claimed and to the final step is the headlightshosed down thoroughly…